Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Cat Toilet Training Kit

Cat Toilet Training Kit

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  • Proven Results: This Cat Toilet Training Kit uses the disappearing litter box method to gradually transition your cat from litter box use to the mess-free, scatterless, odorless convenience of the toilet.
  • 5-Step Training Process: Is your indoor cat three months of age or older? Has he or she mastered the litter box? If so, they’re ready for the training system, no matter what breed, age, or size, and you can even train multiple cats at once. In five simple steps taken over one-week intervals, your cat will progress to be comfortably using the toilet through the intelligent design and thoughtful process.
  • Saves Money: The average American cat owner will spend over $2,000 on kitty litter throughout their cat’s life, and that’s not accounting for litter box replacements and disposable liners. Save all of that money and stop creating unnecessary waste by transitioning your cat to the toilet— no accessories required.
  • Convenient: Even if you love your cat or kitten, cleaning up their mess is never something to look forward to. This training toilet eliminates that chore from your life entirely: you’ll never sift through soiled litter or scrub down a smelly litter box again, and your only cleanup is flushing!
  • Universal Fit: The seat adapts to fit all potty shapes and sizes, from standard to round or elongated. If your cat isn’t taking to it right away, just sprinkle some flushable attractant litter into the toilet bowl. Best of all, it can be easily removed from the ceramic in just a few seconds if you’ve got some last-minute guests coming over.

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